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Fredericksburg, Va. – The Board of Visitors of the University of Mary Washington has endorsed a multi-year strategic plan that calls for sweeping initiatives that will accelerate the institution’s development as a prominent liberal arts university. A critical element of the plan is the establishment of new colleges of business and of education in addition to strengthening the existing college of arts and sciences.

The plan addresses a number of major issues before the university such as the accreditation implications of changing from college to university status in 2004, the development of a second and soon a third campus over the past decade while serving distinctly different student populations at each campus, the impact of changing demographics in Virginia’s high schools, and the central role that the liberal arts will continue to play going forward.

President Judy G. Hample along with her executive team will develop an implementation plan in order to establish priorities, funding strategies, and timelines for addressing the specific initiatives of the plan. In addition to articulating a vision and mission statement, the plan outlines eight goals designed to guide the university’s pursuit of prominence over the next five to eight years.

Adoption of the plan culminates a year-long process that engaged faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members in extensive discussion about the university’s strengths, values, challenges and opportunities.

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News release prepared by: Christine Neuberger

News and Public Information Coordinator

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October 21, 2009 Steering Committee submits draft to President Hample

The Steering Committee has completed its work on the UMW Strategic Plan, and we have submitted our final draft to President Hample.  The committee’s final draft of the plan reflects the many comments we received and the numerous discussions with faculty, staff, and students over the past month.

We thank you for taking the time to read and think about this plan, to attend meetings, to thoughtfully raise your concerns, and give us your ideas and recommendations. Feedback from such broad engagement with the process has resulted in a plan that we believe expresses our shared institutional values and goals.  We are grateful for your participation and support in this work.

UMW Strategic Planning Steering Committee:

Nina Mikhalevsky, Professor of Philosophy; Chair of the Steering Committee
Anna Billingsley, Director of Publications and Design
K. Sue Bridi, ‘81, President of the UMW Alumni Association
Tracy Citeroni, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Steve Hanna, Professor of Geography; Chair, Geography Department
Doug Holcombe, Associate Professor of Leadership and Management; Chair, College of Graduate and Professional Studies Academic Council
Norah Hooper, Associate Professor of Education
Sabrina Johnson, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Affirmative Action
Jeff McClurken, Associate Professor of History and American Studies; Chair, History and American Studies Department
Samantha Miller, class of 2010
Rick Pearce, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
Larry Penwell, Professor of Business Administration
Mary Rigsby, Professor of English; President, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate
Cedric Rucker, Dean of Students
Marie Sheckels, Professor of Mathematics; Chair, Education Department
Kenneth L. Steen, Associate Vice President for University Development
Gregg Stull, Professor of Theatre; Chair, Theatre and Dance Department
Craig Vasey, Professor of Philosophy; Chair, Classics, Philosophy and Religion Department
Werner Wieland, Professor of Biological Sciences; Chair, Biology Department

August 28, 2009

The Steering Committee will be holding three open meetings for all faculty, staff, and students to discuss the draft strategic plan:

September 10  3:30-5:30 pm South Building rooms 227/228, Stafford Campus

September 25 10:00-12 noon, Dodd Auditorium, Fredericksburg Campus

September 30  3:00-5:00 pm, Dodd Auditorium, Fredericksburg Campus

All faculty are also invited to the first College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate meeting on Wednesday, September 2, 4:00 pm  in  Jepson 100 to discuss the draft of the plan.

[Note: an email has been sent to all UMW faculty and staff with the password needed to access the current draft]


May 5, 2009

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will be reviewing and discussing the findings and recommendations of the discussion groups as it develops the first draft of the plan in late May and early June. Your comments on these reports will help the Steering Committee in this process and are welcomed.

The reports are posted on the pages for each group. Links to those reports are also below:

Discussion Group Reports as of May 5, 2009

January 2009 Planning Process Begins

On November 17, 2008, University of Mary Washington President Judy G. Hample initiated a comprehensive strategic planning process with a University-wide address. In that speech, Dr. Hample outlined her vision for the University and asked members of the campus community to join her in “imagining the future.” She described UMW’s strategic planning as a consensus-building process intended to be a combination of ‘ground-up’ ideas and reaction to the ideas that she has presented.

On December 17, 2008, Dr. Hample announced the formation of the strategic planning Steering Committee, made up of faculty, staff, a student, and an alumna, and charged that group with an ambitious timetable. The 20-member committee is chaired by Acting Provost and Professor of Philosophy Nina Mikhalevsky. The Steering Committee will coordinate UMW community discussions and input to the development of the plan throughout the spring 2009 semester, and will complete the first draft by July. In July, members of the committee will engage in a retreat with the Board of Visitors to review and discuss the plan. The UMW community will consider the final version of the plan in early fall and the president will present the University strategic plan to the UMW Board of Visitors for its approval in November.

The Steering Committee is committed to making this process fully inclusive and providing opportunities for all constituencies of the university-faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of UMW, to express their ideas, to engage in the process, and respond to the plan as it develops. This website will be continually updated with information about the University strategic planning process including all committee memberships, meeting schedules, and discussion topics.

The Steering Committee is interested in hearing from as many constituencies and members of the UMW community as possible. To offer a comment or to ask a question, you may use one of the several options on the left side of this page for posting comments or sending comments to specific committees including the Steering Committee. You can also send an email directly to the Steering Committee at StrategicPlanning at   [Posted January 14, 2009]

Sustainability Subcommitee

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The first meeting will be held on Feb. 24 at 4 p.m. in Jepson 409.

Next meeting of the Subcommittee on Academic Technologies and Library Resources

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The next meeting of the Subcommittee on Academic Technologies and Library Resources will be 2:30-4 pm on Thursday (2/26) at 1201 William St. in Room 28.

An effective shared governance structure in which faculty, administrations, and other stakeholders (boards of regents or visitors, state legislatures, the public, etc.) work together to achieve shared goals is critical to the core academic, research, and service missions of institutions of higher education.

Currently faculty governance at the University of Mary Washington is divided by college. The College of Arts & Sciences is governed by a Faculty Senate made up of elected representatives from each department and who are elected by the CAS faculty as a whole, the President, and two Senators-at-Large. An Academic Council made up of the entire faculty of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies serves as its faculty governance body.

These two bodies evolved to meet the very different needs of the two distinct faculties before we became a university. As part of the shift to university-status, it is appropriate to reconsider whether UMW has a faculty governance structure which can meet the needs of a university. To explore that question, the Faculty Organization subcommittees on each campus have convened a study group. As one part of the study group’s research, the University of Mary Washington hosted a conference on Faculty Governance on October 24th, 2008. After the conference, the committee convened open forums and focus-group sessions on each campus to discuss the conference and the results of the faculty-wide survey the committee recently conducted.

The University Faculty Governance study group has established a Blog as a means of continuing the dialogue on faculty governance. We hope you will take the time to join the discussion and we invite you to write or comment on posts.  The work of this committee is on-going and available through our blog site at

First Update from Academic Technologies and Library Resources

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The work of the University Committee on Digital Initiatives serves as an important resource to the faculty and staff who will be coordinating the discussions about UMW academic technologies and Library resources. You can see some of the discussion around the committee’s final report, presented in a session at the May 2008 Faculty Academy, as well as access the report and other materials pertaining to information resources in the academy.  You can also review some of our previous institutional discussions around the idea of digital initiatives on the committee’s wiki surveying digital resources on campus as of Spring 2008.